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Patients with long
complex SFA disease
face treatment tradeoffs,
and some have no desirable options.1-3

Introducing PTAB the first-ever fully percutaneous transmural arterial bypass (PTAB) therapy using the DETOUR™ System

PTAB with the DETOUR system introduces a novel alternative to open surgical bypass for patients with PAD. It is the first procedure that effectively bypasses long** femoropopliteal lesions.

**long lesion defined as 20 to 46 cm

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In the US, approximately 8.5 million adults have lower extremity PAD.5

Risk Factors



Advanced Age

High Cholesterol

Signs & Symptoms

Heaviness, cramping, or pain in the leg muscles after walking

Pain in your legs or feet while resting

Cold legs, feet, or toes

Sores, wounds, or ulcers on the legs, feet, or toes that are slow to heal

Current vascular interventions have typically shown

sub-optimal outcomes for patients with long complex SFA disease.


1 in 4

patients will need reintervention at one year5

Surgical Bypass:


days in hospital on average6

4.5 - 14%

infection rate post surgery5,7-8,12

Now, PTAB with the DETOUR System offers patients with PAD an alternative treatment option with comparable outcomes to surgical bypass while avoiding its complications.

DETOUR2 Study results demonstrated:

At 1 year

0 %
from CD-TLR10
0 %
Freedom from
100% Occlusion11

At 30 days

0 %
Freedom from
0 %

Length of Stay 1.1 Days11

CD-TLR: Clinically Driven Target Lesion Revascularization
MAE: Major Adverse Events

The DETOUR System is comprised of two main components:

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The DETOUR™ System and associated components: ENDOCROSS Device and TORUS Stent Graft System are only available in the United States.

Please contact your Endologix representative for details regarding product availability.

If you are an HCP practicing in the United States:

Prior to use, refer to Instructions for Use for more information concerning Indications, Contraindications, Specific Anatomic Considerations, Warnings, Precautions, and Adverse Events. Rx only.
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