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Pioneering a new approach
to procedural training
with virtual reality

Immersive training programs offer unique benefits.

VR training programs have been shown to improve surgical performance; a recent clinical validation study showed a 230% improvement compared to traditional training methods.1


An easily repeatable experience at a frequency that supports learning and retention


Provide access to multiple users whenever, wherever

Data &

Evaluate and identify focus areas to impact overall performance


Connects trainees and trainers from all over the world into one virtual learning environment

Explore a new level of virtual collaboration and learning with Endologix

VR learning allows procedural steps to be safely practiced in preparation for real-world scenarios
Multiple users can connect globally in real-time, enabling remote collaboration and learning unlike traditional training

Take your procedural training to the next level

Interested in your own personal

procedural training experience?

  1. Blumstein G. How Virtual Reality Can Help Train Surgeons. Harvard Business Review
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