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PTAB with the DETOUR System Launch Video
MM2663-US Rev 02

DETOUR System Procedural Animation
MM2589-US Rev 03

Podcast – Treating Complex PAD via Percutaneous Transmural Arterial Bypass
MM2727-US Rev 01

Webinar – Discussion with the Authors of Published Article about PTAB
MM2733-US Rev 01

Revascularizing Complex SFA Lesions and CTOs: Is it PTAB with the DETOUR System Time?
MM2716-US Rev 01

DETOUR System Brochure
MM2655-US Rev 02

DETOUR System Clinical Data Summary
MM2752-US Rev 01

DETOUR System Patient Brochure
MM2658-US Rev 02

DETOUR System Patient Brochure (Spanish Translation)
MM2658-US-ES-XL Rev 01

DETOUR System Coding Guide
MM2710-US Rev 03

Reimbursement Frequently Asked Questions
MM2709-US Rev 02

New Technology Add-on Payment Overview
MM2734-US Rev 01

DETOUR System TPT Overview
MM2754-US Rev 01

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