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Five-Year Results of the LEOPARD RCT now published in JVS.

The first-ever head-to-head comparison of EVAR
endograft systems in a real-world population.

AFX2 Endovascular AAA System

demonstrated positive 5-year results

and similar outcomes to commercially available endografts in the LEOPARD randomized controlled trial.

The LEOPARD trial is the first RCT comparing an anatomically fixated endograft (AFX/AFX2) to proximal fixation endografts; and demonstrated1 the following:

0 %

Freedom from rupture

0 %

from ARM*

0 %

AFX/AFX2 type III endoleak rate at 5 years

*ARM: Aneurysm-Related Mortality
Freedom-from event estimates were comparable to contemporary proximal fixation endografts.

“Importantly, the comparable performance results from the LEOPARD study between AFX/AFX2 and other endografts align with a recent publication1 that was authored on behalf of the Society for Vascular Surgery’s Patient Safety Organization and used linked registry claims data”

Matt Thompson, MD, President and CEO of Endologix.

Review the publication summary:^

^Publication Summary from BMJ: Use of linked registry claims data for long term surveillance of devices after endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair: observational surveillance study2

The published study set out to evaluate long term outcomes (reintervention and late rupture of abdominal aortic aneurysm) of aortic endografts in real world practice using linked registry claims data.

Overcome common challenges seen in specific anatomies.

Bifurcated unibody design preserves the native bifurcation and separates graft fixation from the sealing zone

Unibody design mimics the natural aorta, no competing limbs, and enables “up and over” procedures for future endovascular interventions

AFX2 System’s ActiveSeal® technology conforms to the aortic wall

Establishes seal and adjusts to changes that may occur to the aortic neck, allowing the graft material to billow and adapt to the patient’s anatomy

Explore the AFX2 System key design features here:

Less Time, Intuitive Design, Greater Efficiency

Shorter times for overall procedure, fluoroscopy and anesthesia as a well as less contrast used on average compared to proximal fixation.1

Shorter procedure times

Reduced fluoroscopy time

Less contrast volume

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with the AFX2 System

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