Making Ideas Happen

The people here don’t just create products – they create solutions that will help save lives and revolutionize the industry. It’s the diversity of thought and passion of those people that inspire innovation in everything we do. Be part of the change.


To revolutionize aortic care for life

We participate in a market filled with strong competitors. Our objective is to redefine the care of aortic aneurysms – to change the terms of reference for the care of those afflicted with this dangerous disease. Our purpose as an organization is to “Revolutionize Aortic Care for Life.” This calls on each of us to demonstrate ownership in how we serve.

As we continue to grow, our core values and behaviors are even more important in helping us meet our commitments to our customers and patients. Our values are what define us as an organization. We work hard each day to make sure everything we do is through the lens of our values – from product innovation, to the way we engage with our employees, customers and the communities that we serve. To stay true to our values, we measure how our team members believe we are living up to these responsibilities.

Our Values

Put the patient first

  • Clinical excellence
  • Uncompromising commitment to quality

Operate with agility

  • Responsiveness to change
  • Decisiveness and speed

Collaborate to win

  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Physician partnerships

Create new possibilities

  • Innovation, revolutionary spirit and ingenuity
  • Courage to think and act boldly

Make a difference

  • Initiative, ownership and accountability
  • Driven to be the best

living the values

  • By living these values, we expect to provide excellent
  • Returns for our shareholders

Our Culture

Welcome to Endologix
We are a fast-moving, high energy organization. This affords our employees exceptional growth opportunities and often employees describe Endologix as being a “talent accelerator.” Employees are offered development opportunities and new responsibilities that might have taken them significantly more time in other organizations.
Accelerate Your Career
Our anticipated growth demands that we develop a strong bench of future leaders in our technical and management career paths. Our talent management systems are designed to encourage self-management for the employee’s career, with their manager acting as a coach and champion. With our global and multi-site locations, we encourage rotations to broaden skills and awareness. Our objective is for employees to grow their careers as we grow the business. Our commitment is to promise the development and refinement of skills.

Our Benefits

Endologix Benefits
Our benefits and total rewards are benchmarked against the top companies in the MedTech industry. We offer outstanding medical, vision, dental and life insurance benefits, along with a variety of other programs at reduced cost. Our commitment to our employees and their families includes our Wellness Program and our highly competitive vacation and holiday policies.
Wellness is a vital part of our culture. We value working in an environment where the health and well-being of our patients is matched with equal concern for our employees. Our fitness center and on-site wellness coach provides daily fitness classes, provides for personal training and nutritional counseling. We enjoy our company-wide team challenges and annually organize health fairs and onsite health screenings.
Diversity and Inclusion
At Endologix, we see diversity as an opportunity for employees to bring their worldview, their experiences and their perspectives to work every day. We work hard to bring life changing products to patients and believe that a culture which is inclusive of our individual backgrounds and passions will help us create ideas that move all of us forward.

As a global business, our ability to understand, embrace and operate in a multicultural world – in the marketplace and workplace – is critical to our success. Many employees across the company work diligently to help us advance in our diversity journey. Employee feedback gathered both formally and informally further strengthens our culture of inclusion and collaboration as well as initiatives focused on gender and U.S. ethnicities.

Join us, and bring your point of view, talents and contributions so we can all grow together.

Our locations




The Americas

It all started for Endologix in the Americas. Our global headquarters is located in Irvine, California, located about an hour south of Los Angeles. In Irvine, we develop, manufacture and market many of our products for global distribution. In Santa Rosa, California, our office includes Manufacturing and R&D, as well as a number of other corporate functions. Santa Rosa is located in the beautiful Sonoma Wine Country, just about an hour from San Francisco. Also in the United States and Canada, our field sales and clinical specialist teams are involved in direct sales and support for our products. North America remains our largest market and the vast majority of our employees work here.

More recently, we have begun expansion of our Latin American business. This region provides significant opportunity for the organization as we work with a strong selection of distributors and our own clinical employees.


Our business in Europe covers most of the continent and we also have distributor relationships in the Middle East and Africa. Our European headquarters is located in 's-Hertogenbosch, a picturesque Dutch town, located about an hour from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Our headquarters operation in 's-Hertogenbosch provides commercial support for our field Sales organizations. Endologix sells both directly and through distributors in the region. Europe is strategically critical to us as it represents a significant market opportunity and it is where most of our products begin their investigational phases.

Asia Pacific

This region represents significant opportunity for Endologix and we have a growing presence in the region. With our headquarters in Singapore, the region employs both direct sales and distributor relationships. In this region, we seek new team members that have the pioneering spirit of being part of fast growth and geographic expansion.

Elbert Tzeng, who leads our therapy and clinical development for Asia Pacific, provided an insightful look into the culture of the Asia Pacific team. “Each of us has a title, but they are just that, titles. We are a team. A team that works together to accomplish our team goals and objectives. Whenever someone is in need of assistance, we are there to help because we know that we can only succeed as a team and not as individuals. So, it doesn't matter who a person reports to, when there is a need, everyone jumps in to help.”